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June 4
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[ MC ] Ruki by naiyun [ MC ] Ruki by naiyun
look at this dork.
for :iconmillennium-city: !

General Identification ]

 Name: Ruki Valdeir
 Nickname[s]: n/a (at the moment)

 Gender: Male
 Age: Twenty-one
 Birthday: December 25th

 Occupation: High-School Nurse

 Species: Stantler
 Type: Normal

 Moveset: Calm Mind , Hypnosis , Stomp , Attract

Personal Information ]

 Nature: Docile
 Characteristic: Quick to Flee

 Personality: Being near Ruki would be enough to make you feel secondhand embarrassment. The way he overreacts to a simple statements and being teased is certainly amusing, although when you push his buttons too much, he may react a bit violently. However, the Reindeer never means to harm and usually ends up gurgling an apology to make sure that it was completely alright. Sadly, because of him being a complete doormat, it has caused many of the high school students to steal a nap or two at the infirmary.
Thankfully, Ruki isn't a complete dork! He has redeeming qualities - such as being able to listen well and follow through with plans that are laid out to him. He's very imaginative as well, managing to find flaws in his plans on an account of playing multiple scenarios in his mind.
 History: He was an only child and never really socialized much, as he was painfully shy. At the age of five, his parents had a couple of close friends that were having a baby. When she was born, Ruki and the little girl played together all the time. Despite their five year age gap, they got along very well and Ruki was appointed 'babysitter' when her parents were out at work.
As he grew older, he kept in contact with the girl - Lucia  - although coming up with a nickname for her. "Lon," he'd call her. It was as if they were real siblings, even sleeping over and staying up until two in the morning watching movies. Even though he grew older, he keeps a walkie-talkie in order to talk to Lucia for old time sake.
Ruki eventually got a job at the Millenium High School as the nurse, purposely picking out the high school because it was the one Lucia attended.

 Likes: Romcoms, Sweets, Books // Reading, Tea, Coffee, Lucia, Animals, collecting weird trinkets
 Dislikes:  Dirty Jokes, Being late or running behind schedule, the beach (mostly the sand), being the center of attention in large groups

 Talents: Great at following commands, Follows plans accordingly and manages to get things done relatively fast, high stamina and speed
 Flaws: Cannot give public speeches, overreacts a lot, frets over small things (such as being a few minutes late or if he forgot to lock the door), almost a complete pushover

Additional Information ]

Lucia gave him the TM Attract on Valentine's day as a joke
He can't control the move very well and can never use it nor will he ever use it willingly, probably
yes, this means it goes off sometimes when he doesn't want it to
He's really easily flustered too, so it's usually ends up with him half-dying while beet red

Hopeless Romantic
Ruki will stare at anyone who is a couple and observe them what a creep
Watches those romcoms 24/7
Drags Lucia to watch it with him [ despite her commentary ]

Likes to Write
Mostly revolving around romance
Keeps a blog where he keeps track of his life and all that jazz
Doesn't like to show people since he thinks it's super embarrassing.

Weird Stantler Jazz
don't stare at his antlers for too long since they cause mirages and weird hallucinations
Doesn't like people staring at his face or at his head for a prolonged period of time because staring at his antlers sometimes makes people dizzy or light-headed
His antlers emit this weird (but nice) scent
Aromatherapy, yo.
 He uses Calm Mind when he's freaking out to remind himself that he's gotta be collected 
 Usually uses Calm mind when Ruki's really really badly flustered or when there's been a horrific accident
 Hypnosis is used to calm//put a student to sleep when they're too delirious or they just have been annoying him
 "ugh i can't handle gO TO SLEEP"

Easily Flustered
If you flirt with him, he will automatically shut off (just probably stutter 10x more)
Can't even take compliments without turning the slighest bit pink
Unless it's Lucia because he's known her since they were lil children
When Lucia teases him in front of other people, he'll usually use stomp on her/their foot
not hard enough that it'll crush ur bones but hard enough to (maybe?) get you to shut up

 Needs to be early -  if someone arrives before him, he feels terrible for making them wait
 Around 6'1 [ including horns ]

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